You're a Grouch

You're a Grouch! is a Sesame Street card matching game that was produced in 1982 by Western Publishing. It consists of 21 pairs of cards featuring different Sesame Street characters (several of which were fairly obscure), as well as one Oscar the Grouch card. The object of the game is to match up pairs of cards until 1 player is left holding the Oscar card, thus becoming a Grouch.

Besides Oscar, the following characters were featured in this game:

A 2nd version of the game was also produced. It consisted of the following pair of "broken" items:

  • airplane (Grouch airlines)
  • TV
  • wagon
  • watch
  • suitcase
  • sundae (fish & pickles)
  • telephone
  • picture (of Oscar's Granny)
  • radio
  • sneakers
  • egg-beater
  • jar (of mud)
  • lamp
  • can (of soda)
  • chair
  • apple core
  • broom (with a broken handle)
  • boots
  • book ("How to Be a Grouch")

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