The Trash is Right 1

"The Trash is Right" Logo

The Trash is Right 2

Oscar watches Grundgetta match all the trash.

thumb|300px|right The Trash is Right is Grouch TV's newest game show hosted by Oscar the Grouch. It spoofs the famous game show, "The Price is Right". Oscar hosts "The Trash is Right" right at his trash can in episode 2258 of Sesame Street in which contestant Grundgetta has to match the pieces of trash with the picture of the person who threw it away. The trashers Grundgetta knows are Big Bird & Miles & there's 1 mystery trasher (who turns out to be Bert). As a final result, Grundgetta matches Miles & Big Bird's trash with Miles & Big Bird & guesses Bert as the mystery trasher. As her prize, she gets to keep all the trash used in the show.

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