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"The Green Grouch of Yucchingham & the Five Grouchketeers" is a famous Grouch storybook, which is seen only once in Sesame Street episode 3141.

As the episode begins, Telly tells the viewers Oscar's mother is visiting, & that Oscar's going to help him buy her a present!

Over at Finders Keepers, Ruthie suggests the classic Grouch storybook " The Green Grouch of Yucchingham & the Five Grouchketeers". Telly also wants to hear it.

In the story, the Queen Grouch vies to be the Grouchiest Grouch in the Land, instead of the Green Grouch. Her magic cookies turn Green Grouch into Prince Charming & his trash can into a castle, but the Grouch princess comes to rescue him, after the 5 Grouchketeers say the alphabet.



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