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Sally Messy Yuckyael is a Grouch talk show who hosted by a Grouch of the same name. The talk show, like its host, is a spoof of the famous Sally Jessy Raphaël talk show.

Sally's talk show lets Grouches vent out any problems that they've had that make them seem un-grouchy (& get hissed at the equally grouchy audience). Needless to say, she's not very helpful in comforting her guests (she is a Grouch after all). She says there isn't a problem she can't solve.

Oscar the Grouch is the most frequent guest to this show. Among his reasons for being on the show are taking care of a lost kitten in episode 3120 & falling in love with Grundgetta in episode 3763. She solved his kitten problem by getting him another kitten. He asks her why she did this to him, & she tells him that she did this to make him so angry he just wouldn't miss Boosty (the kitten) any longer, which worked immediately. Other guests include Baby Bear & Goldilocks in episode 3486.




Oscar the Grouch


Baby Bear/Goldilocks

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