Pancho Visión 1
Pancho Visión 2

Pancho Visión is a recurring Plaza Sésamo segment hosted by Pancho Contreras, debuting in 2008. In each segment, Pancho shows off a video of kids from a certain country in the world as they explain about their traditions & cultures. After a brief film shot on location, Pancho comments on how much he likes that video before signing off. Sometimes his pet elephant Elefancio is also there to watch as well.

The segment is the Sésamo version of the American segment "Global Grover", even using some films used in "Global Grover" segments. A swine flu PSA follows the skit's format where Pancho presents a song about washing hands.

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  • A girl performs a Mongolian bowl dance.
  • A boy shows how a flute is made.
  • A girl talks about a dolphin trainer & gets to swim with the dolphins.

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