Pam & Grundgetta

Pam & Grundgetta, her character on Sesame Street.

Pam Arciero

Pam Arciero.

Pam Arciero (born May 8th, 1954)[1] is a very talented Muppeteer & voice-over artist who is best known in the world of the Muppets for her incredible work on Sesame Street. For almost 28 years, Pam Arciero has been the voice performer of Grundgetta to Caroll Spinney's Oscar the Grouch.

A few years before joining Sesame Street, she had auditioned for the role of Mr. Snuffleupagus after Michael Earl left the show. She didn't get the part, but she eventually became a Muppeteer in 1982.

Arciero earned her Master's in Puppetry from the University of Connecticut & has performed characters for numerous shows outside of the Muppet sphere, including The Great Space Coaster, Allegra's Window, Between the Lions (replacing Kathryn Mullen as Leona), Eureeka's Castle, & Lomax, the Hound of Music (as Louise).

Life as Grundgetta

For almost 28 years, Pam Arciero has been the voice performer of Grundgetta to Caroll Spinney's Oscar the Grouch, taking over the character following Brian Muehl leaving the Muppet business.

Pam Arciero has been had a great honor & privilege working alongside Caroll Spinney for almost 30 years. When asked in an interview what working w/ Spinney has been like, Arciero said: "Carroll is a blast, a child at heart & he is both the Grouch & the Bird at different times. You can sit at dinner & be talking with him in Big Bird mode, & someone will do something stupid & Oscar will blast out of him at full force. My favorite Oscar quote is “If you don’t want to be a murderer, don’t hang out with people who should be killed." Grouch words to live by. He also is a wonderful storyteller & a great friend."

When asked in that same interview on what some of her favorite moments as Grundgetta are, Arciero said: "Oscar & Grungy almost got married, & they had a fantasy about having Grouch kids. They decided it might make them happy, so they bailed out of the wedding. Little did they know that way to be truly grouchy is to get married. They also went on vacation to Camp Mushymuddy, & they did a wonderful song floating down a swamp in an old tire. Andrea Martin played Edith Prickley as a shoe salesman, & she tried to get Grundgetta some shoes. Jerry Nelson played Professor Piggens (as a human) who tried to teach Grundgetta to be a real Grouch a la My Fair Lady. That was just great."[2]

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