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Osvaldo, el Gruñón

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Osvaldo, el Gruñón

Osvaldo & Oscar the Grouch.

Osvaldo, el Gruñón is Oscar the Grouch's Puerto Rican counterpart. He 1st appeared in the episode 1316 of Sesame Street, Muppeteered by Richard Hunt to another actor's voice,[1] & then performed by Gabriel Velez in subsequent seasons on the show.[2] In his latest appearance, in the 1990s, he was performed by Peter Linz.

The Osvaldo puppet has the ability to move his eyes, & also appears as a background Grouch, sans nose.

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  1. The Muppet Mindset: Interview with Muppeteer Gabriel Velez - Part 1
  2. Video of Velez performing Osvaldo in a Street scene, circa 1980s

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