Music by Paul Jacobs
Lyrics by Sarah Durkee
Date 1994
Publisher Sesame Street, Inc.
Oscar's Trashy Songs

"Oscar's Do Re Mi" is a Sesame Street song featuring Oscar the Grouch & The Grouchketeers that parodies "Do-Re-Mi" from The Sound of Music.


A gooey lump of bread that isn't cooked
The sun that wrecks my day
The one and only person I can stand...
Where you should go away
The bottom of a dirty shoe
A dopey word that makes no sense
A drink that I won't have with you
Then we go right back to
Do, no, no, no (no, no, no)

(Doooooo) Don't you
(Reeeeeee) Know how
(Miiiiiiii) Glad I
(Faaaaaa) Am
(Aoooo) That we're
(Laaaaa) Done and
(Tiiiiiii) You can
(Dooooo) Scram
(Heh, heh)

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