Jeff Moss

Jeff Moss

Jeff Moss (June 19th, 1942 - September 24th, 1998) was a head writer & composer-lyricist on Sesame Street. Some of his best-known songs from the show include "Rubber Duckie", "I LOVE TRASH", "The People in Your Neighborhood", "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon", & "Nasty Dan". In addition to songwriting, Moss helped to create Cookie Monster, OSCAR THE GROUCH, & Guy Smiley.

Moss won 15 Emmys for his work & wrote the songs for 4 Grammy Award-winning records. When released as a single in 1970, "Rubber Duckie" sold more than a million copies. Moss' songs were known internationally as well; Claude François' recording of "Nasty Dan" went to number 1 on the pop chart in France.

Moss also composed the songs & score for The Muppets Take Manhattan, for which he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Music, Original Song Score. The Oscar went to Prince for "Purple Rain".

Moss wrote over a dozen best-selling books under the Sesame Street label, including The Sesame Street Book of Poetry. Several of his songs have been illustrated & published as well. He also wrote 3 collections of children's poetry & several short stories.

But then, most unfortunately, Jeff Moss passed away of cancer on September 24th, 1998. 1 of his last writing credits was the script for the Elmo's World segment "Music".

Composer credits

Sesame Street

The Muppets Take Manhattan

See also: The Muppets Take Manhattan soundtrack

Other Productions


Author Credits

  • Other Poetry Collections
  • The Butterfly Jar
  • The Other Side of the Door
  • Bone Poems
  • Other Short Stories
  • Bob & Jack: A Boy & His Yak
  • Hieronymus White
  • Dad of the Dad of the Dad of Your Dad

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