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This Grouch Prince appears in the parody Grouch fairytale. "Snow Grouch & the Seven Dwarfs". A parody of the normal Prince Charming, this Prince is played by Oscar the Grouch.

After banishing her daughter, Snow Grouch from her Kingdom, to be the Grouchiest Grouch in all the Land, the very furious Queen (who's portrayed by Oscar's girlfriend, Grundgetta) tricks Snow Grouch into taking a bite of a magic sour lemon, which will turn her into a nice Grouch. After she bites the sour lemon, Snow Grouch starts cleaning up cottage, which made the Grouch Queen the Grouchiest Grouch in all the land once more. But then, as luck would have it, a Grouch Prince (played by Oscar), who rode in on his dusty white horse, sees Snow Grouch cleaning the cottage, enters & yells -- "Hey, you! Snap out of it!".

With these words, the magic spell is broken, & Snow Grouch is a true Grouch once more. After begging the Grouch Prince not to tell anyone about her being nice and cleaning, the Grouch Prince & Snow Grouch decided to get lost together, & lived grouchily ever after.



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