Everything in the Wrong Place Ball 1

Oscar & Grundgetta at Oscar's trash can, ready for the Everything in the Wrong Place Ball.

The "Everything in the Wrong Place Ball" is a VERY grouchy ball. A grouchy Sesame Street song once sung by Oscar & Grundgetta of the same name describes the ball.

Oscar & Grundgetta describe each other's ball attire & say they're glad they're going to the Everything in the Wrong Place Ball w/ each other.

Ball Attire

Oscar the Grouch

  • A bowtie on his forehead
  • Shoes on his chest
  • An old sock on his left hand
  • A buzzard's nest on his head


  • Socks on her shoulders
  • 1 shoe on her left hand
  • 1 shoe in her hair



Sesame Street Live

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