Plot Trashgiving Day
Air date 4/11/2013
Season Season 43
Sponsors J, 13
Syndication Unknown

No photo available, now scram!

Oscar is in charge of the Parade for the grouchiest holiday of the entire year: Trashgiving Day! The marching band, float, & balloon need to be grouchy enough to please his boss, Mr. Disgracey (Richard Kind). But Oscar discovers they all look & sound too nice. He'll have to find a way to Grouch up the parade, & fast!

The marching band sounds too pleasant, so Oscar & Chris decide to fill the instruments up with water to change their sound. Now the instruments sound horrible, & perfectly grouchy! Next, the Maysour float arrives, looking much too pretty. Alan & Oscar spray it with water & discover how water changed the way it looks—now the float is 1 big, wet mess!

Finally, Stenchy the Stinkbug balloon floats by, but Grouch balloons are supposed to drag on the ground. Oscar suggests filling up the balloon with water instead of helium, & it works! With all the rotten entertainment, will Oscar's Trashgiving Parade be grouchy enough for Mr. Disgracey?


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