Donald Grump 2

Donald Grump in his trash can.

Donald Grump's trash can is the private domain of Donald Grump, a famous Grouch who has more trash than any other Grouch in the world (& often brags to others about it). It is said that he has so much trash that it spills out of his trash can.

The trash can, like Donald Grump, has made 1 known appearance to date, in Sesame Street episode 4104, in which Donald Grump is looking for a Grouch apprentice to help him sort all his trash, some of which the chosen apprentice would get to keep.

With only Oscar & Grundgetta left, Grump makes them both his helper cause of their rotten attitude. But when they find out they have to helped sort through his trash, they decide not to be his helper & fire Donald Grump. Donald Grump left in a taxi w/ his trash, as Oscar & Grundgetta enjoy saying, "Scram, You’re Fired!" to each other. It is still unknown what eventually happened to Grump's trash can.


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