Branko Smiljanic

Branko Smiljanić (b. 1956) is a Croatian puppeteer, actor & voice artist who dubs Oscar the Grouch & Mr. Johnson on the Ulica Sezam dub package.

Smiljanić has performed with puppet theaters in Zagreb & Rijek since 1978. He has performed in such traditional fare as Peter & the Wolf, The Magic Flute, & The Selfish Giant, as well as the 2010 political satire Jedini neuspjeh Adolfa H, spoofing Hitler with large puppets performed Bunraku style.

Smiljanić's puppetry background has also lent itself to character voices, dubbing Eeyore in The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh & the 2011 movie (among others), Megatron in Transformers Animated, Dr. X in Action Man, & Grandpa Max in Ben 10. On-camera, he appeared in The Hunting Party (with Terrence Howard).

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